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  • Natarajan S says:

    Web site,Tracking details 5/5, But delivery only 1/5.

  • Ramesh Soni says:

    Good products, quick service and fast delivery. I am satisfied.

  • Mukesh Kumar Yadav says:


  • Anonymous says:


  • Narsingh says:

    Delivery and customer service are good

  • Girish Goyal says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Nice service

  • Manish lowanshi says:

    My car is kwid rxl. This product is use less please return prosecc


    Very Good

  • S SOODAMANI says:

    Nice service and delivered early as they mentioned

  • Prabhu Lal says:

    Very good

  • Ankush Arya says:

    Satisfied with the product and after sale service, Special thanks to Mr Dheeraj who made it easy to install the product and guidance.

  • Dinesh A.V says:

    Everything went nice…..I am really satisfied…

  • Anonymous says:

    Good service

  • Soundarapandian V says:


  • Jai Ganesh says:

    Good and polite service, quick response for call.

  • Vajinder Pal Singh says:

    Get the software instantly.

  • ashwinkumar amaliyar says:

    Best service…

  • Yuvraj chauhan says:

    ok ok

  • Archit Agarwal says:


  • RIAZ AHMED says:

    Customer service is very good.
    Very well packaged. Services of delivery ls satisfied.
    I am satisfied and happy


    Sir mere pass file download ine Nahin ho rahi hai

  • Drx Yashpal says:

    कैमरा की क्वालिटी बहुत शानदार है ,रात्रि में अच्छे से दिखाई देता है। इसमे कोई वायर कट नही करना पड़ता है प्लग एंड प्ले जैसा है , मेरी बलेनो ज़ीटा में मैं ने खुद ही इंस्टाल किया , बड़े आसानी से इंस्टाल कर सकते हैं घर पर भी।
    कैमरे की फिटिंग क्रोम में अच्छी है , 3000 रु खर्च करके अपनी ज़ीटा को अल्फा टॉप मॉडल में कनवर्ट कर सकते हैं।। मेरे द्वारा इस कैमरे के वीडियो सैंपल यहां देखे।
    4. रात्रि में कैमरा की क्वॉलिटी

  • Jijomon Joseph says:

    Hi, I want to thank auto shop your support through whatsapp.

  • Nikhilesh says:

    Delivery services can be improved. I tracked the courier was initiated from Arvi then Wardha to Nagpur and then via Mumbai to Pune….long journey….

    • dheerajtomar says:

      Dear Nikhilesh,
      Courier services we can arrange as per our suitability, but after booking courier you can not design route as per your design.,its depend totally on courier company how they operate their services/operations.

  • Molnar Gyula says:

    Fast administration after message exchanges.

  • Gautam Borah says:

    I got the delivery at around 9 days, cant comment about the service yet. Websitr is good.

  • Irfan Dar says:


  • Merin Kumar SP says:

    I had called to clarify some questions before buying, he was not fluent in English, but he was polite and managed to convey message.

    • dheerajtomar says:

      Yes sir,i have not very good in English,but i am trying my best .sorry for inconvenience cause.

  • Rathiesh Rajasekar says:

    Quick and Prompt delivery


    Delivery is slow, rest everything is perfect.

    • dheerajtomar says:

      sorry sir for slow delivery..but on some location courier company staff is not good…and we can not change that staff….we are trying to add more courier company for better delivery options.

  • Salil says:

    Best customer service

  • JAIPAL SINGH says:

    Overall experience of placing and till the delivery is very satisfying. Very professional!!

    • dheerajtomar says:

      its our pleasure to serve you the best product..thanks for your trust on us…

  • D.gopalakrishna says:

    Ok fine

  • Vishnu Chandran says:

    Thank you


    Excellent nice doing business with u guys


    Quick delivery


    Products are easy to find and order. Delivery personnel are well-groomed and polite.

  • Mr Ramesh says:

    Good Customer Service

  • Jayendra says:

    Very Good customer service and Fast Delivery partner.

  • Girish Thammaiah says:

    It’s delivered on time

  • vikas says:


  • Gopal Nagapuri says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Nice store

  • Jojo Joseph says:


  • Bhanu Pratap Ahirwar says:

    Maps not activated.

  • Narayan Bhat says:


  • Bijan says:

    Very easy to use

  • PRANAV GARG says:

    Website and delivery system is good.

  • bibin says:

    Exalent 😍😍😍👌😘😘 thanks

  • aurobindo ghose says:

    Very good service within stipulated time…. satisfactory

  • Robert Clive Barnet says:

    Both the interface are not working


    Fast service delivery

  • Munish Sharma says:

    I received the camera wrapped in a bubbled polythene and wrapped in a cardboard like a fake product. No proper box was containing it. Which doesn’t feel good to me. Website is good and easy to find anything available. Delivery by India post was also good they delivered the product after the due date but service was good and package was intact.

  • Sourav Kumar Mondal says:

    Delivery as per scheduled

  • Samyak Jain says:

    Service is nice. They do talk to the customer very politely and are helpful in every terms.

  • Baiju Abraham says:

    Very good

  • SRINIVASAN T Thirumalaivelu says:

    good job

  • Dr Vishak says:

    Good customer service. Quick and prompt response on Whatsapp. Fast delivery too. Website interface could have been better.

  • Vishnu says:

    Super fast delivery.


    Very good customer service may delivery faster

  • Ayush Sopori says:

    Custom Service and delivery is really good. Associate explain you everything.

  • Prashant Anand says:

    Pathetic experience … defective product received. Blue screen is coming in my Baleno Zeta. I called the seller on WhatsApp during installation. He suggested returning the product to me but did not explain how to return it and no clear communication about the refund or replacement process. Later no response from the seller. No reply to email or Whatsapp message.

    My advice to the seller: If you do not have a tie-up with good logistics, double-check before shipping your defective product or better sell your product through a reliable e-commerce company like Flipkart or Amazon I AM DISAPPOINTED AND FRUSTRATED. PLEASE RESPOND to my WhatsApp messages and email

  • Digvijaysinh says:

    Received faulty camera but replaced immediately. Good service.

  • Jince Mathew says:

    Delay delivery due to covid.

  • Balwinder Singh says:

    Product is good as per description but it does not compatible with my car. That’s why I returned it.

  • Soumitra S. says:

    all over good

  • Ralph says:

    Super Shop, leicht verständlich

  • Yassir says:

    Delivered on time

  • Rakesh Pillai says:

    Very good service

  • Mohit singh says:

    Very good product & easy fiting

  • Javad Sabziani says:

    The people in charge of ordering and the whole collection are very respectful and generous

  • Dhanakumar Ns says:

    Very good product like awesome 👌


    Good product easy to install

  • A N. says:


  • Subhash Kumar says:

    very good

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice and fast delivery

  • Indrajeet Gaurav says:


  • Rajeev Duggal says:

    Excellent product received on time


    Good product and shiping

  • Robert Mutze says:

    Super solution, very pleased !

  • Tanmoy Ash says:

    The delivery speed is very good. Before the order, I was a little bit tensed about the delivery because I have paid the amount online already. But the service and the delivery they have made a commendable job and whatever shown on the youtube and on the website I received the same piece without any hassle. Great job is done by Auto shopp. The delivery was also very quick and they have provided the delivery with renowned delivery partner “Delhivery”.

  • Aditya Reddy says:

    All good

  • Amol Dahake says:

    It’s a terrific purchase i have lots of doubts before purchasing this product but after discussing autoshopp,they clear my each and every doubts.i m very happy to choose autoshopp.

  • Lambodar das Mahant says:


  • pradeep hb says:

    Service is awesome ,,very friendly guidelines

  • Anand Kamat says:

    Service is good, delivery on time.

  • Anonymous says:

    best service

  • Ajesh C. says:

    Great service

  • Jithen KP says:

    I loved WhatsApp service. Delivery can be better.

  • Ajim Kaji says:

    Product is very good but please change delivery partner as i need to go 70km to collect my order.

  • Shajeer Ahamed KP says:

    Very good camera, night vision is good. dynamic trajectory is not useful though.

  • Rahul Joseph says:

    Good support.

  • Debasish Debangshi says:

    Its as good as original equipment (OEM) from MGA. VERY easy to install by mechanic only. For owner, installation is slight difficult. For this reason company can send one detailled installation video with every purchase by WA on demand.
    I am very much satisfied.
    Thanks Autoshopp.

  • Uladzislau says:

    Product works well. Thx

  • Arshad Lr says:

    With out receiving the order how can I make a review on it, very very poor delivery by the team, 10 days passed still the item not delivered. What to do and whome to address, I have made a ticket 2 days before, without an answer its closed by the team.

    • dheerajtomar says:

      Dear Mr. Arshad, you are writing a wrong statement here, Because fact is:
      You ordered on 16th September 16:15PM.Means your order will be dispatch next day 17th Sep. and as usual we have shipout your order with Delhivery Courier Tracking ID:9965010004255.
      You Choose Free Delivery and not paid any fast delivery payment….so as per your selection your delivery time is minimum 10 Day aprox….may be it is 12 or 14 days….you wrote your review on 25th with in 8 days you have open a Ticket also,and we have provided you full tracking detail in the ticket than it was closed.
      You choose poor delivery method than why you blaming us….you can choose BlueDart service after paying the little 175 amount…but all wants Premium services free which is not possible to provide free all time.
      Your Package is running late and only you can wait for further delivery action.
      Please read in ticket section we have provided real tracking detail and inform you in the manner….but you are blaming ticket closed without answer…can you please show here a screen shot of your dash that customers can believe on you review..
      we have dispatched your order as per our commitment.Your Courier tracking Detail is Below:
      Detailed Scans
      Status Scan Info Remarks
      In Transit
      Parippally_Chvarcode_D (Kerala)
      26/09/21, 5:42 AM
      Bag Received at Facility
      In Transit
      Parippally_Chvarcode_D (Kerala)
      26/09/21, 5:36 AM
      Vehicle Arrived
      In Transit
      Kollam_Kilikollur_H (Kerala)
      26/09/21, 5:04 AM
      Vehicle delayed
      In Transit
      Kollam_Kilikollur_H (Kerala)
      26/09/21, 2:55 AM
      Connected to destination
      In Transit
      Kollam_Kilikollur_H (Kerala)
      25/09/21, 9:47 PM
      Bag Received at Facility
      In Transit
      Kollam_Kilikollur_H (Kerala)
      25/09/21, 9:11 PM
      Vehicle Arrived
      In Transit
      Salem_Ramalingapuram_H (Tamil Nadu)
      24/09/21, 8:34 PM
      Connected to destination
      In Transit
      Salem_Ramalingapuram_H (Tamil Nadu)
      24/09/21, 8:33 PM
      Bag Received at Facility
      In Transit
      Salem_Ramalingapuram_H (Tamil Nadu)
      24/09/21, 4:49 PM
      Vehicle Arrived
      In Transit
      Bangalore_Soukyaroad_GW (Karnataka)
      24/09/21, 10:23 AM
      Connected to destination
      In Transit
      Bangalore_Soukyaroad_GW (Karnataka)
      24/09/21, 6:32 AM
      Added to Bag
      In Transit
      Bangalore_Soukyaroad_GW (Karnataka)
      24/09/21, 5:51 AM
      System weight captured
      In Transit
      Bangalore_Soukyaroad_GW (Karnataka)
      24/09/21, 5:51 AM
      Shipment Received at Facility
      In Transit
      Bangalore_Soukyaroad_GW (Karnataka)
      22/09/21, 5:59 PM
      Bag Received at Facility
      In Transit
      Bangalore_Soukyaroad_GW (Karnataka)
      21/09/21, 4:27 PM
      Vehicle Arrived
      In Transit
      Gurgaon_Tauru_GW (Haryana)
      19/09/21, 10:12 AM
      Connected to destination
      In Transit
      Gurgaon_Tauru_GW (Haryana)
      19/09/21, 6:47 AM
      Bag Received at Facility
      In Transit
      Gurgaon_Tauru_GW (Haryana)
      19/09/21, 4:30 AM
      Vehicle Arrived
      In Transit
      Meerut_Rihani_I (Uttar Pradesh)
      18/09/21, 11:53 PM
      Connected to destination
      In Transit
      Meerut_Rihani_I (Uttar Pradesh)
      18/09/21, 6:18 PM
      Added to Bag
      In Transit
      Meerut_Rihani_I (Uttar Pradesh)
      18/09/21, 3:50 PM
      Shipment Received at Facility
      In Transit
      Meerut_Rihani_I (Uttar Pradesh)
      18/09/21, 2:41 PM
      Bag Received at Facility
      In Transit
      Meerut_Rihani_I (Uttar Pradesh)
      18/09/21, 2:03 PM
      Vehicle Arrived
      In Transit
      Baraut_OmNagar_D (Uttar Pradesh)
      18/09/21, 9:45 AM
      Connected to destination
      In Transit
      Baraut_OmNagar_D (Uttar Pradesh)
      17/09/21, 6:40 PM
      Added to Bag
      In Transit
      Baraut_OmNagar_D (Uttar Pradesh)
      17/09/21, 6:37 PM
      Shipment Recieved at Origin Center
      In Transit
      Baraut_OmNagar_D (Uttar Pradesh)
      17/09/21, 6:28 PM
      Shipment picked up
      Baraut_OmNagar_D (Uttar Pradesh)
      17/09/21, 11:14 AM
      Pickup scheduled
      Baraut_OmNagar_D (Uttar Pradesh)
      17/09/21, 11:14 AM
      Shipment details manifested
      Delhivery Pvt Ltd Terms & Conditions


    Timely response to every question and query.

  • ARUN RV says:

    Fast delivery

  • M S Narasimha Reddy says:

    My kwid MediaNav version Unlock package Activated Rear speakers success full

  • Dev Pati says:

    The best…

  • Dipak Rahangdale says:

    Excellent guide book, no extra accessories required, it’s excellent service.

  • Anonymous says:

    great product

  • Braham Prakash Rana says:


  • Bijay Mukherjee says:

    The website is user friendly and easy to use and navigate.

  • Anonymous says:

    Easy to shipping

  • Laxmidhar says:

    Delivery was on time

  • Kestutis Kacergius says:

    Fast delivery

  • Prashant Salvi says:


  • Anonymous says:


  • Dipu Bharali says:


  • shashi says:

    Kwidcarsolution best in market.

  • Arun H says:

    Delivered early than expected


    very good

  • Anonymous says:

    Good product information and Fast delivery

  • Siddharth Lingampally says:

    Easy order, and payment. Delivery was also on time.

  • Arjun Singh says:

    Delivery time is gud

  • Anil Goel says:


  • Oktay says:

    Really good

  • Anonymous says:

    Best..fitted on Maruti Suzuki installed Harman Infotainment system BALENO ZETA MODEL…NO BLUE SCREEN LAG..

  • Tarun says:

    Transaction went smooth and delivery is fast too

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